Launching: Xeta Frontend V2

We come with exciting news today! We’re relaunching the Xeta Reality website, network explorer, wallet, app, as well as our focus areas, to better reflect Xeta’s mission for the coming years.

Xeta’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of the Metaverse, crypto gaming, and NFTs through blockchain and intuitive mixed-reality interfaces.

So far, our team has been primarily focused on developing the Xeta Blockchain, which is now running stably as Mainnet. It has been tested and supports up to 80k TPS, with <$0.001 fees and transaction finality below 1 second.

We’ve engineered the Xeta blockchain entirely from scratch, with massive scalability and throughput in mind. We’ve also created a non-Turing complete language with 11 pre-built smart contracts running live on Xeta (such as staking, decentralized swaps, NFT auctions, lending, and others). The smart-contract language will enable developers to build various smart-contract functionalities on top of the existing ones.

The Xeta blockchain is production-ready, and we’re currently working on the final touches of our redesigned block explorer. Its initial version, deployed on is still functional. However, thanks to the valuable feedback from our community, we’ve improved usability with the new version and enabled it to support the next step of our journey.

In the meantime, we’ve also released libraries for Python, Javascript, and Java, which give developers programmatic access to the Xeta blockchain. For users, we’ve created a series of educational videos to simplify navigating Xeta. Internally, we’ve restructured our milestones, such as postponing the scanning app in favor of providing something more valuable to the crypto community in a shorter timeframe.

This quarter is not over yet, and our work above is just the foundation for what’s yet to come. There are some incredibly exciting steps from here, and we’re sure some of you can already guess where this leads to! Xeta’s own Metaverse world is in the works (or shall we say Xetaverse:) and is the next central focus area on our journey!

Visit the new Website & App:

Note: The new wallet supports imports via private keys and an updated brain wallet option (using username/password to derive the private key). If you’ve previously created a managed wallet on the block explorer V1, you can migrate by backing up your private keys and using this key as the import mechanism in the new wallet. Alternatively, you can create a brain wallet on the new V2 explorer and transfer your funds & locked claims from your old managed wallet.



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